Systems Features & Safety


The CLO2IX® systems are the safest Chlorine Dioxide production systems available today.

  • • No storage of Chlorine Dioxide is required.
  • • Safe because no chemicals are mixed.
  • • There are no dangerous byproducts produced; neither chlorine nor ozone.
  • • Precursor and Chlorine Dioxide within the system are dilute.
  • • Production of Chlorine Dioxide occurs in water and occurs only when water flows through the system.
  • • The engineering built into the system allows it to both monitor and correct itself, if necessary.
  • • Rugged construction and industry-proven parts are chosen to construct the systems.
  • • Safety of the customer comes first with Dripping Wet Water, Inc.

  • • Wide Range of Sizes Available for Every Application
  • • No ClO2 Storage Required – Not a Batch Process
  • • Dilute ClO2 Solution Produced – Inherently Safe
  • • Self-Monitoring and Self-Correcting Operation
  • • Industry-Proven Reliable Components

  • The CLO2IX® product line contains three systems, each having distinct features and production capacities.


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    We pride ourselves in providing clean and safe water with all our Clo2IX® disinfecting systems and ensure our customers will love the taste!
    Patricia Beard / Dripping Wet Water, Inc.

    Know more about the CLO2IX® Applications

    Secondary Disinfection
    Cooling Tower Disinfection
    Reverse Osmosis Disinfection
    Chilled Water Loop Disinfection

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    If you are concerned about the performance of your current filtration system, contact us today to see how we can get you set up with a system you are confident in using and drinking from. CLO2IX® provides the best quality in water-disinfecting technology and ensures customers a great experience with all their products.

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