Having a Party?

We bring the candy, jars, display elements, create signs/labels, and bring all the utensils and bags you need to make a candy bar display a success!
Our candy bars or popcorn stations make for a gorgeous and fun display at socials, weddings, and corporate events! Whether you want to arrange themed candies for the look/feel, add some height with long candies like Twizzlers or lollipops or display savory popcorn in your selected flavors, we can make it happen. 
You could even have a mixture of the two – if you can imagine it, we can create it.  Themed displays are always fun, like saltwater taffy to reflect an event by the water or movie popcorn and candy favorites for movie night! Salty and Sweet will bring the fun and pizzazz.
Here are a few of the options* available for a Candy Bar!

Nostalgic Candy

Jelly Beans of every color

Gummy Bears

Gummy Worms

Licorice Mix

Candy Corn

Sour Worms

Gummy Fruit Slices

Cherry Gummies

Bear Gummies

Gummy Strawberries

Gummy Gola

Gummy Peaches

Gummy Fruit Rings

Gummy Sour Cherry

Gummy Apples

Gummy Grapefruit

German Raspberries

Black Licorice Twists

Red Licorice Twists

Swedish Fish

Novelty Candies

Snow Kiss Mints

Lemon Drops


Hot Tamales

Mike and Ike


Hard Candies

*Selection in-store varies, but we can special order in advance for events.

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