Try our sweet and savory popcorn, made fresh at Salty & Sweet. We have all the traditional flavors, as well some pretty special and unique combinations created here in house! If you have a unique blend idea you would like to try let us know and we will make it custom for you!


      Owner, Pat Cleary, spent a year traveling in Pretzelvania, better known as Philadelphia, to learn how to make the perfect fresh soft pretzels and created her own family recipe. They are just like the traditional Philly Pretzels - crusty on the outside and soft inside.  Stop in to Salty & Sweet and try one for yourself. Make sure that when you get one, you take some home, so you don’t have to share yours!
      • Homemade Pretzels

        Our hot, savory pretzels are handmade fresh daily.  You can get the traditional large pretzel or choose a bucket of pretzel nibs to share.  Add one of our flavorful dips like raspberry chipotle, cheese, hot mustard, or honey mustard. Looking for a crowd-pleaser? Bring a tray of pretzel nibs and dipping sauces and everyone will cheer!


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        • Buffalo Breath
        • Cincinnati Chili
        • Honey Mustard
        • Cajun
        • Lemon Pound Cake
        • Guadalajara; Hot sauce
        • Wasabi
        • Bacon
        • Pepper Pop
        • Churro
        • Ranch
        • Hot Jalapeno
        • Dill
        • Yellow Cheddar
        • White Cheddar
        • Bacon & cheese
        • Parmesan Garlic
        • Classic Butter
      • Custom

        Are you planning a baby shower, wedding or birthday party?  Salty & Sweet turns your party into an unforgettable event.  Our color-coordinated displays in large and small apothecary jars will give you the wow factor you are looking for.  We can make popcorn candy color coordinate with your event’s color scheme.  We offer color-coordinated corporate gifts too! 


      • Bulk

        You can choose your bulk candy from a large array of flavors and colors in our ever growing candy selection! No matter how you decide to pick your candy you will not be disappointed! 


      • Novelty

        Looking for something unique? We have a great selection of quirky and hard to find novelty candy! interested in a scorpion lollipop? A life size donut made of candy gummi? We got it. Stop on by and get that one of a kind item!

      • Nostalgic

        Remember those candies you loved from your childhood? You’ll find them here! Grab a basket and browse through our wide variety of nostalgic, popular, and bulk candies. Kids love to discover new and interesting candies from around the world. No matter your age, there’s something here for you.

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      • Custom

          Ice Cream

          Our homemade ice cream can't be beat. Our specialty flavor Avocado on a pretzel cone is a fan favorite. All our ice cream is made here at Salty & Sweet, and we have under the best authority ( our customers ) ,that we have the best chocolate ice cream. We have a selections fro everyone's taste!
          • Homemade Ice Cream

              • Fabulous Chocolate
                ( Named by our neighbors!)
              • Vanilla
              • Strawberry
              • Avocado
                ( Our Signature Flavor!)
            • Milkshakes
            • Floats 
          • Special Flavors & Cones

            Our current fresh flavor of the month is : 

            Lime Sorbet

            Ask about our Signature cone! We're working on making pretzel cones and bowls available!

          • Pricing

            Ice Cream

            Junior (1 scoop)

            Small (2 scoops )

            Medium (3 scoops)

            Large (4 scoops)



            Shakes & Floats



            Root beer


          Root Beer & Sodas

          The Cleary's are a bit of what you would call root beer connoisseurs. We have 25 types of root beer to choose from, and the selection is only growing! We curate root beers and unique sodas from all over the country!

          Come visit us today and check out our current selection! We also have root beer to-go six packs. Or contact us if you would like to put together a custom Root Beer gift!

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